Break-ins involving doors fitted with euro-cylinders are on the increase. When subjected to a physical attack, an ordinary cylinder will snap at the fixing point, causing the cylinder to fall completely out of the door and rendering security breached. The solution is to fit a break Secure cylinder.

When the cylinder is attacked it will snap, leaving most of the cylinder still in the door and still working, maintaining security.

Another method of breaking into property that is on the increase, involves the technique of 'bumping'. This method of entry is especially worrying as it leaves no evidence of forcible entry making insurance claims particularly hazardous.

The internet has made information and access to bump keys easily obtainable. The technique uses a 'bump key' to manipulate the pins to create the 'shear-line' thus allowing the cylinder to be opened. The solution is to fit a high security lock Cylinder featuring bump resistant keys. This is a specially designed feature that prevents the creation of a 'shear-line' so the cylinder remains locked.


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